Monday, April 25, 2011

A Submissive in the World

Morning :)

I have just returned from the most awesome 10 days a girl could have :) I've been up in mount tamborine with Oar and since this is a sex and wow blog, I must add that O-M-G Oar rocked my world; even once he has "gone"...he just goes again...and again ;)

But who wants to hear me gush over how fabulous it was?!


I've been trying to write something for a while on submissive tendancies, as my own sexual submission seems to contradict my otherwise controlling and domineering persona.I was conversing with Oar on the matter; as Oar and I are both befuddled by the apparent contradiction.

and so Oar said to me "I just find that many of the ideas of sex come from a disprectful basis. Like deep-throat; The idea is so terrible, crass and, well, wrong."

And I see his point: for some people deep throat is definatly a cruel and disrespectfull thing and more to the point it is intended that way. For example pornographic advertising DOES depict cruel forms of objectification; it is appealing to the fantasys; and when we watch porn it is essentially a visual aid to our fantasy; I would even go as far to suggest that we distance ourself from the "reality". We are predominatly interested in the emotional exhilliration; but we are always aware that our fantasies are not "real", in the same way as playing a FPS doesn't mean I actually want to kill someone; or that I think it is morally acceptable to do so.

That said, I imagine for some people deep-throat is just a way of giving a new sensation, and it may be done gently and kindly (Its not a purely gender specific thing either). On the other hand some people DO like the more ...rough kinds; males and females who purposefully add elements of disrespect and humiliation, who enjoy the power-play.

I think society in general condems the expression of sexuality and therefore it is seen as something where disrespect is inherent. Whereas In an equal relationship sexual expression is normal and thus it isn't an objectification to express it. For as long as I don't feel that i can be objectified, then I won't. Nobody should be treated as though they are a purely sexual object and although this is idelistic when we look at society as a whole, it isn't farfetched when you examine just one couple (or mass-ORGY!).

If the power-play has no malicious intent, then even if the acts purposefully contain emotions of disrespect and humiliation the act in that specific context carries no actual disrespect.Possibly the most important fact is that submissive-dominate power-play requires a great deal of trust, which in itself contradicts the idea of any real harm or disrespect. Thus I think that power-play is simply just "playing" with the emotions; and that this sexual-emotional play is appealing because it is an entierly new segment to sex that can be exhillirting and add depth to your sex-life.
Either way it has been a difficult thing to get my head around and in my opinion if you want to power-play with a partner (or mass-orgy >.>), then there needs to be an open line of communication to disscuss each-others concerns and beliefs.

Happy fucking ;)

~Synnergy the sex druid

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another random video.

I like to post the videos I can't stop loling at :) so enjoy......

Hmm maybe I need another blog for these >.>

p.s: Long time no post? I know >.<>

~synnergy the sex druid.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bad Raid Calls!

Recently a bunch of guildies and I move from Carpe Diem and created a 10 man guild namely: Wipe Inc. As expected the initial progression had our heads bigger than the 10KG of textbooks I just picked up for my animal science Uni course...but more on that later!

Then, as expected, we hit our first real hurdle: Cho'Gall. I'm not really sure what is under his skirt, but given he has two heads....i'm going to be inclined to peak when we do down him >.>

The current guild discussion about this hurdle is something along the lines of:
Guildies: 2 healers?...1 healer? healers! DPS FTW.
Synnergy: O.O

As my contribution to the squabbles over stratergy and the likes
I decided to do a brief write up of some of the common raid call issues, so here is the result of about 10 minutes of furious scribbling :) They can be broken down into three types of Calls:

1. Calls with frustrated and aggressive over-tones
- This is obvious, to be frank poor language and tones are not productive or respectful

2. Conflicting calls
- e.g wait don't; wait don't

3. Unnecessary Calls
- e.g "such and such go here, and avoid that and two steps left now..oh you're already there..."
- especially given LAG.

So I have created this mind map:

So what can we do?

**Better organisation, use of brez and hero that are fight specific need to be decided before the pull.

**single caller for "wipes" and brez (calls should also include the brezzer and the brezzee).

**Limit calling to crucial fight mechanics, or to communicate improvisations that are made mid fight.

**AVOID calling for people to "move here, avoid that, take two steps to you left" your raiders are probably already doing it and IF they are not then chances are they are already Dead. (use your common sense on this ones, it's a general idea, there are obviously going to be some exceptions).

**discuss REPRIMANDS (including calls you might have made) AFTER the attempt/fight.

**Be respectful and consider situational influences and human-realities (biases etc) before becoming unnecessarily frustrated or angry at your fellow raiders or raid progression; We are all in this together, no one is perfect and most people who WANT to be there are "self-critical" in that they are aware when they make mistakes and will actively try to improve themselves to achieve the group other words; you don't need to ride them cowboy.

But what if I want to ride them ;) >.> ^.^

~Synnergy the Sex Druid.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Random youtube sharing

Good morning!

I have been some what addicted to this song since it was whispered to me during a terrible raid in my previous guild. I just had to share it :)

and here it is:

YouTube - Dick (ft. Suzushiiro / Big Crits) - MrVoletron remix

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Do's and Don'ts of Sex Toys

Masturbation is awesome. No really it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E and thanks to sex tech there are stacks of pleasure-aids to excite you as you spend some exploration time with yourself. This post is aimed at those who are either new to sex toys, or have simply never paused to think about the "Dos and Don'ts" before.

On a side note: this is not gender specific! I firmly believe that masturbation and by extension masturbation aids are "fun for the whole family"! but maybe not together, that could be awkward.

DON'T buy your sex toy from the $2 lucky dip.
DO splash out a little and get something quality.

Here's why:

It really is a case of quality over quantity, it may be tempting to purchase a sex toy because it is cheaper; especially given some brands can be quiet dear. However cheaper sex toys are notorious for being unreliable. This may mean they have a shorter life AKA: it "dies" when you are on the verge of orgasm; or they may mislead you with claims such as being waterproof when to be frank they are not. Not only can poor quality sex toys be unsatisfying, a poor design means they also have a potential to be dangerous. In short you should treat yourself to a good quality toy, I assure you that a quality toy will give you a greater quantity in orgasms.

DON'T buy your sex toy on an impulse.
DO research the different kinds and brands of toys to find one that suits you.

Here's why:

This goes hand in hand with the "DO and DON'T" above; It is very easy to buy a toy on a sexually driven impulse because it is exciting, you're excited and you want it now, but a little research on your impulses will clue you into what is capable of giving you the best pulses. Read widely and be aware of bias from people who are trying to market their products. Your friendly neighbourhood sex store can give you some great advice on the latest and greatest. If your prefer something more discreet a quick google search can have your browsing a myriad of opinion forums and online sex toy stores. If you are sure to research you are likely to be satisfied with your toy and you may even pick up a quality bargain!

DON'T scare yourself with sex toys that look like alien probes.
DO experiment with new toys, just take your time.

Here's why:

Sex toys can be intimidating, especially if you are new to a particular type of toy or new to sex toys all together; You may be overwhelmed with the amount of choices. If you want to experiment with sex toys or new ways of achieving pleasure, it is important to take it slow. DON'T BE AFRAID, but it is possible to hurt yourself if you are over-zealous or you try to replicate sex acts you have seen in pornography. HOWEVER, it is difficult to hurt yourself if you do take it slow and feel out your limits.

DON'T underestimate your emotional health
DO explore your attitudes and expectations about your sex toy exploration

Here's why:

Amongst all this fun you are having or will be having, it is vital to step back and take care of the emotional side of things. In essence You need to be comfortable in order to achieve the most pleasure. If you have any hang-ups about masturbation or using sex toys, ask yourself "why?" and explore the various feelings. I'm at risk of sounding like I'm on repeat here but, TAKE IT SLOW. Masturbation is your own time to explore your body, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. If you don't that is perfectly OK; it is something you can work towards as part of you self-exploration.

DON'T confuse your bodies functions with the bodily function of a caterpillar
DO get to know your body

Here's why:

The flip side to emotional health is physical health; your body is your temple and you should give it the care it deserves. That includes both medically as well as simply getting to know your bodies function and limits. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions about your sexual health and make sure you attend to regular sexual health checks. Read about your physical body and the wide variety of "normal" variations that exist amongst people. Explore your body by touch; I mean your entire body and not just your sex organs(but do go there as well *wink*)you may surprise yourself with what feels good. Finally, love your body and not in the wishy washy "everyone should love themselves" kind of way. The fact is everyone has flaws, but when you're by yourself without the pressures of the world, learn to let go and appreciate your body for what it is and the pleasure it will give you when you do.

DON'T roll over and fall asleep after a sex toy orgasm
DO look after your toys

Here's why:

You won't upset your toys feelings if you roll over and fall asleep after some pleasure. But you are sure to regret it when you return to a juice-crusted sex toy, not only is that a potential turn off but it's not exactly hygienic. Luckily there is an easy solution and that is to clean your sex toys after every use. You may like to use a special toy cleaner, however you standard anti-bact. soap also does the trick.

and I'll just repeat this:


~Synnergy the Sex Druid

Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is the compulsory first post, where I introduce myself and let you know the aims of Synnergy the Sex Druid.

Firstly a little about my wow persona, I am "Synnergy" a worgen restoration druid from Oceanic server Saurfang on World of Warcraft. You can find me here. I have been playing for around 2 years and I can't claim that I played vanilla wow, but let's not let that interfere with my capacity to be awesome. I am a predominately PvE player, however I have a growing interest in PVP and RP.

and now for something completely different, Hi I'm Artemis Synn, I am a 21 year old female from Adelaide in Australia. I believe you and I are sexual beings and that sex is something that no one should feel ashamed about, I believe that we would all benefit from being open about sex and I think what you do in your sex life is up to you; EVEN if you like to smother yourself in peanut butter and dress as a wizard.

So what are the AIMs of this blog?

The aim of the Restoration side of this blog is NOT to tell you how to play your restoration druid, nor spit out endless number crunched walls of text. It is me exploring my capacity to play a restoration druid in PvE, PvP and RP. I want to share my journey with you, just in case I stumble across anything valuable.

The aim of the sex side of this blog is to explore psychological, biological and societal ideas and information about all things sex. I don't have a direct plan for posting, but you can expect there to be anatomical informative articles (aka "Locating the clitoris" or "What is my prostate"), Instructional articles (aka the "do's and dont's") and psych articles (aka "sex on the mind")

and that's about it, so welcome >.>


A note on other blogs:
+intellect: This is where I shall post interesting articles, I have interests in sexuality, gender, psychology, animals and general science, so expect to see material from here. This might include interesting videos, essays I write, opinion pieces and anything I think is too "heavy" for Synnergy the sex druid.

Druid Tears: This is my QQ blog, so i can (hopefully) avoid flooding Synnergy the sex druid with what really "grinds my gears."