Friday, February 25, 2011

Random youtube sharing

Good morning!

I have been some what addicted to this song since it was whispered to me during a terrible raid in my previous guild. I just had to share it :)

and here it is:

YouTube - Dick (ft. Suzushiiro / Big Crits) - MrVoletron remix


  1. it's not working for me.... maybe i need a second one.

  2. nice song :)

    i am stuck on this one

  3. Ok, I love this video. And I love this newly discovered blog. I'm a balance druid myself, and have the same dirty mind as you. I can't wait to see how this blog evolves in the months to come! Woo!!!

  4. @ Mikuru, keep sharing with me :P

    @Mac-and-me, Hehe! very bold, I love it :D

    @, Druids FTW, even the chickens;)we just have animalistic sex drives ;)