Friday, March 25, 2011

Another random video.

I like to post the videos I can't stop loling at :) so enjoy......

Hmm maybe I need another blog for these >.>

p.s: Long time no post? I know >.<>

~synnergy the sex druid.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bad Raid Calls!

Recently a bunch of guildies and I move from Carpe Diem and created a 10 man guild namely: Wipe Inc. As expected the initial progression had our heads bigger than the 10KG of textbooks I just picked up for my animal science Uni course...but more on that later!

Then, as expected, we hit our first real hurdle: Cho'Gall. I'm not really sure what is under his skirt, but given he has two heads....i'm going to be inclined to peak when we do down him >.>

The current guild discussion about this hurdle is something along the lines of:
Guildies: 2 healers?...1 healer? healers! DPS FTW.
Synnergy: O.O

As my contribution to the squabbles over stratergy and the likes
I decided to do a brief write up of some of the common raid call issues, so here is the result of about 10 minutes of furious scribbling :) They can be broken down into three types of Calls:

1. Calls with frustrated and aggressive over-tones
- This is obvious, to be frank poor language and tones are not productive or respectful

2. Conflicting calls
- e.g wait don't; wait don't

3. Unnecessary Calls
- e.g "such and such go here, and avoid that and two steps left now..oh you're already there..."
- especially given LAG.

So I have created this mind map:

So what can we do?

**Better organisation, use of brez and hero that are fight specific need to be decided before the pull.

**single caller for "wipes" and brez (calls should also include the brezzer and the brezzee).

**Limit calling to crucial fight mechanics, or to communicate improvisations that are made mid fight.

**AVOID calling for people to "move here, avoid that, take two steps to you left" your raiders are probably already doing it and IF they are not then chances are they are already Dead. (use your common sense on this ones, it's a general idea, there are obviously going to be some exceptions).

**discuss REPRIMANDS (including calls you might have made) AFTER the attempt/fight.

**Be respectful and consider situational influences and human-realities (biases etc) before becoming unnecessarily frustrated or angry at your fellow raiders or raid progression; We are all in this together, no one is perfect and most people who WANT to be there are "self-critical" in that they are aware when they make mistakes and will actively try to improve themselves to achieve the group other words; you don't need to ride them cowboy.

But what if I want to ride them ;) >.> ^.^

~Synnergy the Sex Druid.