Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is the compulsory first post, where I introduce myself and let you know the aims of Synnergy the Sex Druid.

Firstly a little about my wow persona, I am "Synnergy" a worgen restoration druid from Oceanic server Saurfang on World of Warcraft. You can find me here. I have been playing for around 2 years and I can't claim that I played vanilla wow, but let's not let that interfere with my capacity to be awesome. I am a predominately PvE player, however I have a growing interest in PVP and RP.

and now for something completely different, Hi I'm Artemis Synn, I am a 21 year old female from Adelaide in Australia. I believe you and I are sexual beings and that sex is something that no one should feel ashamed about, I believe that we would all benefit from being open about sex and I think what you do in your sex life is up to you; EVEN if you like to smother yourself in peanut butter and dress as a wizard.

So what are the AIMs of this blog?

The aim of the Restoration side of this blog is NOT to tell you how to play your restoration druid, nor spit out endless number crunched walls of text. It is me exploring my capacity to play a restoration druid in PvE, PvP and RP. I want to share my journey with you, just in case I stumble across anything valuable.

The aim of the sex side of this blog is to explore psychological, biological and societal ideas and information about all things sex. I don't have a direct plan for posting, but you can expect there to be anatomical informative articles (aka "Locating the clitoris" or "What is my prostate"), Instructional articles (aka the "do's and dont's") and psych articles (aka "sex on the mind")

and that's about it, so welcome >.>


A note on other blogs:
+intellect: This is where I shall post interesting articles, I have interests in sexuality, gender, psychology, animals and general science, so expect to see material from here. This might include interesting videos, essays I write, opinion pieces and anything I think is too "heavy" for Synnergy the sex druid.

Druid Tears: This is my QQ blog, so i can (hopefully) avoid flooding Synnergy the sex druid with what really "grinds my gears."