Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Do's and Don'ts of Sex Toys

Masturbation is awesome. No really it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E and thanks to sex tech there are stacks of pleasure-aids to excite you as you spend some exploration time with yourself. This post is aimed at those who are either new to sex toys, or have simply never paused to think about the "Dos and Don'ts" before.

On a side note: this is not gender specific! I firmly believe that masturbation and by extension masturbation aids are "fun for the whole family"! but maybe not together, that could be awkward.

DON'T buy your sex toy from the $2 lucky dip.
DO splash out a little and get something quality.

Here's why:

It really is a case of quality over quantity, it may be tempting to purchase a sex toy because it is cheaper; especially given some brands can be quiet dear. However cheaper sex toys are notorious for being unreliable. This may mean they have a shorter life AKA: it "dies" when you are on the verge of orgasm; or they may mislead you with claims such as being waterproof when to be frank they are not. Not only can poor quality sex toys be unsatisfying, a poor design means they also have a potential to be dangerous. In short you should treat yourself to a good quality toy, I assure you that a quality toy will give you a greater quantity in orgasms.

DON'T buy your sex toy on an impulse.
DO research the different kinds and brands of toys to find one that suits you.

Here's why:

This goes hand in hand with the "DO and DON'T" above; It is very easy to buy a toy on a sexually driven impulse because it is exciting, you're excited and you want it now, but a little research on your impulses will clue you into what is capable of giving you the best pulses. Read widely and be aware of bias from people who are trying to market their products. Your friendly neighbourhood sex store can give you some great advice on the latest and greatest. If your prefer something more discreet a quick google search can have your browsing a myriad of opinion forums and online sex toy stores. If you are sure to research you are likely to be satisfied with your toy and you may even pick up a quality bargain!

DON'T scare yourself with sex toys that look like alien probes.
DO experiment with new toys, just take your time.

Here's why:

Sex toys can be intimidating, especially if you are new to a particular type of toy or new to sex toys all together; You may be overwhelmed with the amount of choices. If you want to experiment with sex toys or new ways of achieving pleasure, it is important to take it slow. DON'T BE AFRAID, but it is possible to hurt yourself if you are over-zealous or you try to replicate sex acts you have seen in pornography. HOWEVER, it is difficult to hurt yourself if you do take it slow and feel out your limits.

DON'T underestimate your emotional health
DO explore your attitudes and expectations about your sex toy exploration

Here's why:

Amongst all this fun you are having or will be having, it is vital to step back and take care of the emotional side of things. In essence You need to be comfortable in order to achieve the most pleasure. If you have any hang-ups about masturbation or using sex toys, ask yourself "why?" and explore the various feelings. I'm at risk of sounding like I'm on repeat here but, TAKE IT SLOW. Masturbation is your own time to explore your body, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. If you don't that is perfectly OK; it is something you can work towards as part of you self-exploration.

DON'T confuse your bodies functions with the bodily function of a caterpillar
DO get to know your body

Here's why:

The flip side to emotional health is physical health; your body is your temple and you should give it the care it deserves. That includes both medically as well as simply getting to know your bodies function and limits. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions about your sexual health and make sure you attend to regular sexual health checks. Read about your physical body and the wide variety of "normal" variations that exist amongst people. Explore your body by touch; I mean your entire body and not just your sex organs(but do go there as well *wink*)you may surprise yourself with what feels good. Finally, love your body and not in the wishy washy "everyone should love themselves" kind of way. The fact is everyone has flaws, but when you're by yourself without the pressures of the world, learn to let go and appreciate your body for what it is and the pleasure it will give you when you do.

DON'T roll over and fall asleep after a sex toy orgasm
DO look after your toys

Here's why:

You won't upset your toys feelings if you roll over and fall asleep after some pleasure. But you are sure to regret it when you return to a juice-crusted sex toy, not only is that a potential turn off but it's not exactly hygienic. Luckily there is an easy solution and that is to clean your sex toys after every use. You may like to use a special toy cleaner, however you standard anti-bact. soap also does the trick.

and I'll just repeat this:


~Synnergy the Sex Druid


  1. good advice but well most of it should be common knowledge, not?

  2. Glad to see there are more masturbation enthusiasts out there! I say, if people would fap more, there would be less strife in the world, less drama and a lot less power struggles!!

  3. i love sex toys! So does my wife!@

  4. This is such a unique blog, and as serious as it is, some of that was pretty entertaining!

  5. Loving the quote at the end ~ Synnergy the Sex Druid! :D

  6. @mac-and-me, I'd like to *think* so, but the taboos surrounding these things make trying to figure out the scale of information out there a difficult exercise. I just want everyone to know it's A-Ok

    @Karol a Viktor, it would be nice if we could just fap and flick our troubles away. Amen to that :)

    @Lifehacks, they can def bring some extra fun to the table...car...bed e.t.c ;)

    @Shockwave, thankyou :) I basically decided i wanted to write a blog, I pondered on a theme for a while and then decided that the best thing to do would be to mash two parts of my life (and related aspirations) together, and so synnergy the sex druid was born!

    @Glovey, It has a nice ring to it I agree ;D